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The Brotherhood

Time's Up

Instinct EX-224; scanned by Delobbo

TIME'S UP  [The Brotherhood, Sep 1990]
US 12", Instinct, EX-224

A1  4:54  Time's Up (Deep Mix)
A2  4:35  Time's Up (Dope Mix)
A3  2:05  Time's Up (Bonus Beats)
B1  3:08  Time's Up (Radio Edit)
B2  3:13  Time's Up (Dust Mix)
B3  1:50  Time's Up (Acapella)


Executive Producer: Jared Hoffman
Produced by Dave Brubaker and the Brotherhood
Vocals: Jimmy Mack
Instruments: Moby
Cover Design: Dave Brubaker
Photography: Amy Mauro

The following review is from Steve Giles, who was lucky enough to find this rare 12"!

EX-224 comes in a glossy forest green sleeve with yellow-orange clockfaces (minus the clock hands) raining down. "time's up" is in big skinny red lowercase letters, and "The Brotherhood" is in little fat orange letters.


Hearing and seeing this record will surprise any fan of Moby's early work. The Brotherhood's Time's Up is quite a different package than what you'd expect from Moby's early releases. In contrast to his solo releases on Instinct, this 12" came in a glossy whiteboard sleeve w/ dynamic bright colors on the cover. The next release from Instinct to sport packaging this nice was Moby's self-titled LP. It appears that the record label was making an attempt at commercial success, and the hip-hop flavor and street style poet lyrics support the idea. Despite their efforts, it was the Moby solo releases that were packaged in simple black cardboard with stickers that left the lasting impression.

Song Breakdown:

A1 - Deep Mix

Slow in speed, this mix is built upon a simple drumline and a simple bassline. In fact, the instruments in this song are rather unremarkable in structure, serving as a backdrop for the vocals. However, the different flavors and samples Moby uses are rather diverse, making this an interesting song sound-wise. These include bongo drums, shakers (moroccos?), high wood clicks, an oscillating water sound, whispery "tick, tock"s, and an occasional repeat of the "oh" sound heard in the Dust Mix, except that they are either higher or lower in pitch. The vocals are Grandmaster Flash narrated poetry style for all of the song except for two verses near the end, and sport fading echoes. There is a breakdown near the end with high pitched "oh"s. Click here to read the lyrics.

A2 - Dope Mix

Also slow in speed, the Dope mix is set upon hip-hop drums. The vocals are given more focus in this version than in the previous, while the touches & flourishes are more sparsely used. The double echo on the vocals is less faded in volume, and due to the vocal spacing, it often sounds like each line is being sung twice, frequently resulting in a "row-your-boat" style acapella trio. A sample from a Steve Miller Band song (not sure which, on Greatest Hits) is used in the breakdown near the end. This sample reveals itself as being the source of the "tick, tock" sample used in all of these mixes.

A3 - Bonus Beats

The bonus beats are taken from the Deep mix, and the touches included are the oscillating water sound and the tick-tocks. It was hearing the tick-tocks here that made the sample's source easily identified.

B1 - Radio Edit

This is a radio edit of the Deep mix. It excludes the pair of repeating 'sung' vocals near the end of the Deep mix and goes straight to the final repetition of the refrain.

B2 - Dust Mix

This is Moby's mix, which doesn't leave the vocals intact. This is also the version you may be familiar with from Rare. Sped up slightly, this mix uses an evil acid riff that tails off into the oscillating water sound. The same bassline is utilized as the Deep mix, but sped up. "wake up" is sampled from the lyrics, slightly distorted, and finally, triggered with a triple echo for an interesting effect. The percussion is interesting, as Moby sets the morocco shakers and clapping atop one another. The "oh-oh-oh" is changed enough to make it sound different, giving it an up and down feel. (for lack of better description) The song exits with the "wake up" samples.

B3 - Acapella

This contains all the vocals from the radio edit, minus all repetition.


Click here to read the lyrics for Time's Up.

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