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Run On

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CDMute221 - scanned by T4dpolE@aol.com

Run On description & review

Run On is the second single from Moby's forthcoming album Play. Moby calls it a "real song" with lots of singing that was sampled a long time ago, like Honey. "Kind of like gospel meets hip-hop meets me." In fact, there are three full verses and a chorus, sampled from the 1943 song "Run On For A Long Time" by Bill Landford & The Landfordaires.

The cover art is like Honey's, but with a mousetrap against a red background instead of a pumpkin against a black background. Inside (or on the back, for the 12"), a jacket-clad Moby stares out of three identical black & white photographs, set against a light-yellowish pea-green background. The Run On Extended single has this design reversed. The mousetrap is horizontal instead of vertical, and it is against the light-yellowish background.

My initial reaction upon hearing Run On was that it is a good album track, but strange to release as a single. Its drums & piano sound similar to those in Honey, but the mood is quite different.

Run On has four B-sides! Sunday is the best one. It is reminiscent of Shining and Moby's old Ambient work, and is very bright and melodic. I love it. Spirit is another fantastic B-side, with piano and strings. These two songs are essential listening, making both Run On CDs must-haves. The other B-sides are good too.

After a few listens, Run On started to really grow on me. It's funky and foreboding at the same time, and when the pads kick in near the end, the song takes on a surreal quality. It also gives a representative taste of the kind of music you'll hear on Play. I'll elaborate and post a more descriptive review soon.

Run On will be released in the UK & Europe on 26 April 1999. It will also be released in the USA on a single with Honey on 11 May 1999.

Run On discography info

RUN ON  [1999]
UK CD promo, Mute, RCDMute221

 1  3:12  Run On
 2  5:10  Run On (Dave Clarke Remix)
 3  6:03  Run On (Moby Young & Funky Mix)

RUN ON  [26 Apr 1999]
UK 12" promo, Mute, P12Mute221
UK 12", Mute, 12Mute221

  A  6:03  Run On (Moby Young & Funky Mix)
AA1  5:10  Run On (Dave Clarke Remix)
AA2  3:52  Run On (extended)

RUN ON  [26 Apr 1999]
UK CD, Mute, CDMute221

 1  3:33  Run On
 2  4:08  Spirit
 3  7:06  Running

RUN ON EXTENDED  [26 Apr 1999]
UK CD, Mute, LCDMute221

 1  4:24  Run On (extended)
 2  5:00  Sunday
 3  5:56  Down Slow (full length version)

RUN ON  [26 Apr 1999]
GE 12", ?, ?

 A1  6:00  Run On (Sharam Jey's Always On The Run Remix)
 A2  5:25  Run On (Plastic Angel's House Of Pain Mix)     [1st mix]
AA1 10:05  Run On (Dani König Remix)
AA2  4:00  Run On (Plastic Angel's Celebration Mix)

Produced, written & recorded by Moby. Published by Little Idiot Music/Warner Tamerlane (BMI).
Run On mixed by Tom Rothrock & Rob Schnapf.
Run On (Dave Clarke Remix) produced, programmed, engineered & mastered by Dave Clarke.
Run On (Moby Young & Funky Mix) additional mix & production by Moby.
"Run On For A Long Time" by Bill Landford & The Landfordaires, used courtesy of Sony Music.
Artwork: Ysabel Knyphausen. Photographer: Hennrik Bonnevier.

You can buy the Run On UK CD and UK limited CD from CDnow.

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