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Rare: The Collected B-Sides

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Rare discography info

RARE: THE COLLECTED B-SIDES (1989-1993)  [6 Aug 1996]
US 2CD, Instinct, EX-335-2

 NOTE:  This comes with a bonus disc that contains a megamix of
        fourteen different versions of his old anthem, "Go".

Disc 1 - "Rare: The Collected B-Sides"  (50:38)
 1  5:04  Voodoo Child (Poor In NY Mix)                  [with early fade-out]
 2  5:57  Next Is The E (Club Mix)               [I Feel It Mix with fade-out]
 3  4:07  Drug Fits The Face (Drug Free Mix)             [with early fade-out]
 4  5:01  Have You Seen My Baby (Baby Mix)
 5  5:01  UHF 2
 6  3:18  Time's Up (Dust Mix)
 7  6:05  Drop A Beat (Deep Mix)
 8  4:39  Mobility (Aquamix)
 9  7:01  I Feel It (Synthe Mix)
10  4:25  Thousand

Disc 2 - "Go: The Collected Mixes"  (63:55)
 1  4:27  Go (Woodtick Mix)
 2  3:26  Go (Analog Mix)
 3  4:11  Go (Subliminal Mix)
 4  5:02  Go (Night Time Mix)
 5  2:11  Go (Original Mix)
 6  2:56  Go (Low Spirit Mix)
 7  5:07  Go (Rainforest Mix)
 8  6:03  Go (Delirium Mix)
 9  4:44  Go (Voodoo Child Mix)
10  4:41  Go (Barracuda Mix)
11  4:55  Go (Arpathoski Mix)
12  7:03  Go (In Dub Mix)
13  5:34  Go (Soundtrack Mix)
14  3:35  Go (Amphetamix)


A review by Daniel Cerman:

With Rare: The Collected B-Sides, Instinct Records has made available a fair sampling of Moby's older work, which helped him to gain considerable notoriety in the burgeoning techno scene. Most of these songs are classics, or remixes of classics. All of the music is from the Early Underground / Moby era, regarded by many as Moby's best years. For those of us who fell in love with Moby's music during the early nineties, Rare is an absolute must-have. It takes us from the ambient beauty of Mobility (Aquamix), through a spectrum of funk and techno, to the insanely fast pounding frenzy of Thousand.

I have a couple of complaints, though. At just over 50 minutes, Rare could have easily included three or four more songs, such as Breathe, No Buttons To Push, and Mad Love, which are practically impossible to find. Instead of, or perhaps in addition to, rehashing the Next Is The E single, the vinyl gem Voodoo Child (Expanded) should have been included. And I don't see any good reason for putting a fade-out on Next Is The E (I Feel It), which they renamed the "Club Mix" for this release. Drug Fits The Face (Drug Free) and Voodoo Child (Poor In NY Mix) were shortened worse. This was a very lame thing to do. Thanks a lot, Instinct.

Rare comes with a bonus disc called Go: The Collected Mixes. This is a continuous mix of fourteen different versions of the dance hit Go. Though listening to over an hour of remixes of the same song can be monotonous at times, this is a worthy bonus disc that's fun to have. Priced under US$15, with Rare you can hardly go wrong.

You can purchase Rare: The Collected B-Sides at CDnow.

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