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The End of Everything

Using the pseudonym "Voodoo Child", Moby released an album called The End of Everything. More than a year after its original UK release, a US release followed, with new versions of "Dog Heaven" and "Honest Love".

THE END OF EVERYTHING  (53:51)  [Voodoo Child, Jun 1996]
UK CD, Trophy, CDIdiot1

 1  6:09  Dog Heaven
 2  9:43  Patient Love
 3  8:58  Great Lake
 4  8:17  Gentle Love
 5  6:07  Honest Love
 6  7:08  Slow Motion Suicide
 7  7:18  Animal Sight

THE END OF EVERYTHING  (66:19)  [Voodoo Child | Moby, 29 Jul 1997]
US CD, Elektra, 62092-2

 1  9:50  Patient Love
 2  8:58  Great Lake
 3  8:17  Gentle Love
 4  7:27  Honest Love
 5  7:07  Slow Motion Suicide
 6  6:03  Dog Heaven
 7 18:25  Reject

because i have always loved simple, electronic music i decided to make an album of simple, electronic music. why make a voodoo child album and not a moby album? because if i make this type of music under a pseudonym it frees me up to not worry about certain things; like touring and interviews and videos and photo shoots (and album sales...). i can just make a record that i would like in my life. if it only sells 100 copies, that's fine. hopefully the 100 people that buy it will find a place for it in their lives. it's one of my children and i love it dearly.

                                         M  O  B  Y

A review by Johan Jaatinen:

Moby, under the pseudonym Voodoo child, makes his last (?) electronic album before changing his style to rock once and for all. "The end of everything" is the result, released on Moby's own label Trophy records, in co-operation with Mute.

If I didn't like this album I could find lots of criticism to justify my opinion. It isn't innovative. It has the same string sound in almost every song. There is no professional production to speak about. It has not one single human voice on it. In theory, this is the album that anyone with the equipment and a little skill could have made. Far from the complex sounds and productions of current IDM artists.

But why make things complicated when they can be kept simple? Ever heard of Occam's razor? "Simple" is the word that Moby himself uses for this kind of music -- "simple electronic music". It is the only term that fits; you cannot call it techno because it will not make you want to dance, you cannot call it ambient because it will not take you to the skies, you cannot call it IDM because it isn't intelligent. But it will make you happy.

I think that the simplicity of an emotional album like this is a necessity for the feelings to be transmitted pure, without any cheesy flourishes. Since the feelings are simple, why make the music complex. Moby doesn't attempt to cover or complicate the message either; when three of the seven songs have "love" in their title, the meaning is overexplicit. Simple goodness and love is what it is all about. The only philosophy you will ever need.

Naturally, the CD comes with a Moby-ish essay on why you shouldn't eat animals.

Put shortly, "The end of everything" is a great album. You can order it from mutebank@mutelibtech.com for 10 UKP plus postage.

You can listen to samples and purchase the US release of The End of Everything at CDnow.

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