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Moby and Christianity

Moby has some very diverse beliefs. One of the most significant yet confusing of these is his simultaneous love for Jesus Christ and disdain for Christianity, the latter of which he expressed in scathing essays in his last two albums. This page attempts to shed light on the subject. First of all, let's let Moby himself explain his position.

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Moby wearing a Jesus t-shirt "In my own strange way, I'm a Christian, in that I really love Christ, and I think that the wisdom of Christ is the highest, strongest wisdom I've ever encountered, and I think that his description of the human condition is about the best description or understanding of the human condition I've ever encountered. And although I try and live my life according to the teachings of Christ, a lot of times I fall short. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a Christian in the conventional sense of the word, where I go to chuch or believe in cultural Christianity, but I really do love Christ and recognize him in whatever capacity as I can understand it as God. One of my problems with the church and conventional Christianity is it seems like their focus doesn't have much to do with the teachings of Christ, but rather with their own social agenda. So that's why I tend to be sort of outspoken about how much I dislike conventional cultural Christianity." -Moby, from the Animal Rights Interview CD

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